Now that the rush of Christmas and my busy season has passed, I have an opportunity for some down time. Time to spend with my family, time to relax, and time to get my creative juices flowing again. I was delighted when I came across an opportunity to become inspired and look at things through my camera in a whole new way. An opportunity to really be creative and continue to grow in my photography.

Here’s how it works: each week a new hue and texture will be selected. It’s our project to go out and capture these things. Everyone is welcome to join in on the project, it’s been fun so far! I’m joining in a little late, so I’ll be playing catch-up for a few weeks.


Week One
Hue: Brown.  Texture: Unlimited


To join in, visit Marta Locklear, and be sure to let me know you’ve joined so I can follow your journey.

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