I am beyond thrilled to be blogging about a workshop I attended last week in Chicago given by the amazingly talented and successful Audrey Woulard.  It was a very small and intimate workshop (the best kind) with a great group of women from all over North America.  They were the type of women that I just clicked with instantly, and I know I’ve made lasting friendships!

The workshop far exceeded my expectations – we were able to watch Audrey photograph several children, see her post processing and workflow steps, discuss marketing, branding, pricing, and I even got to sit down with Audrey for a one-on-one mentoring session during the last day of the workshop.

I honestly learned more than I ever thought I would.  There’s a reason Audrey is so successful – these things don’t happen by accident.  Not only is she a talented photographer, she’s smart and an amazing businesswoman.  I am striving to run my business as smart as she’s run hers!

As I mentioned, we had several kids come join us during the workshop and were they ever cute!!  Here are some of my shots:

Child Photographer in Raleigh

Child Photographer in Raleigh

Raleigh Child Photographer

Raleigh Child Photographer

Childrens Photographer in Raleigh

Family Photographer in Raleigh

And here is a group shot of us girls at the workshop — somehow I ended up smack dab in the center of the photo!  Thanks to Patti Hale for taking the picture for us!

If you’d like to visit the blogs of some of the other girls who attended, and hear their thoughts on the workshop, here are their links:

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Kate Borgelt

Cathy Ward

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Many thanks to Audrey for a fantastic workshop!!


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