I know choosing your family’s wardrobes for portrait sessions can be difficult.  The old trend used to include everyone wearing matching outfits – all white shirts or everyone in khakis and a black shirt.  But the trend has changed for portraits.

The way to look your best is to have everyone coordinate – NOT match!  This means you should pick a color or two and build your wardrobe around it.  In this first example, we see a great shade of blue and some tans.  Notice that everyone incorporates those colors into their outfits.  Try incorporating a color using accessories – jewelry, shoes, a cute belt, etc.

Another important thing I always tell clients is to be comfortable!  If you’re wearing something that isn’t “you”, it will show in your pictures.  Always be yourself and let your wardrobe reflect your family’s personality and style.

The next example uses yellows and greens.  I just love yellow for spring, and you can see from the children’s outfits that there are some things that reflect their personalities – cool sunglasses and a funky t-shirt!

If you need assistance selecting your outfits for a portrait session with me, I happily provide assistance with that!  I always ask what you’re wearing and provide guidance on outfits before you show up for a portrait session.  I want to make sure you’ll look your best and be happy with your portrait experience!

A big thank you to Melinda Brookshire Photography and I Heart Faces for this season’s style boards.