In August of 2012 my family and I bought a new home in Wake Forest.  During our house hunt, waaaaaaay up high on the list of necessities was a private home studio space for my photography business.  Fortunately, what we found far exceeded my expectations.  My studio is GIGANTIC and I have a space for everything I need.  And then some.  I had fun for the first month or two after we moved in, setting everything up, getting pictures on the walls, organizing my props, buying furniture.  And I’ve dragged my feet long enough in regards to taking and posting photos of my studio.

I really want my clients to know that when they come here for their newborn or baby session, it’s their home away from home.  I’ve got comfortable couches and chairs.  A mini-fridge stocked with water and sodas and juice, as well as plenty of snacks.  I have a separate room with comfortable seating for Mom to nurse in privacy.  A private bathroom.  Cable TV.  Wi-fi.  Everything you’d need to keep yourself busy while I capture portraits of your little one.

So without further adieu, here’s a glimpse at my space!

The last thing on my list to purchase is some storage for these props.  As you can see, right now it’s just a big pile!  I haven’t found anything I’ve liked yet, though!

I’ve managed some good organization to my headbands, hats, blankets and rugs.  I love having it all out where I can see it.  And one of the most commonly asked questions I receive from new clients is, “do you have props?”  Well, I do! I have a wide assortment.  No need to ever purchase anything for a baby session with me!

Here you’ll see my client seating area.  Lots of space to hang out and relax!

You can also see through that far doorway the private nursing room for Moms.  And through a doorway to the right is the restroom.

I always keep lots of albums, frames and birth announcement samples on hand for clients to browse through too.

Here you’ll see, behind the seating area, is the fridge and snacks.  You’ll find these come in handy while you’re hanging out waiting for baby to finish.  And nursing Mommies need their fuel!  🙂

Here’s a little peek at the nursing room for Mommies!

And a spacious restroom.  Ya know, in case you were dying to see what the restroom looked like!  🙂

This next area is my desk where I have frames and color samples stored.  It’s also my packaging station.  I loooove this area!

And lastly, my little nook for storing all of my backdrops!

Thanks for taking a peek at my space!  Hope to have you in here soon!  🙂