Top 5 Baby Poses For Newborn Photo Session

Before each newborn photo session, I always touch base with my clients to see what poses, setups, colors, etc. they’d like for their session. We always work together to bring the client’s ideas to life. I often find people trying to explain a pose to me that they love. Little do most people know that the newborn photography world actually has names for each pose! So I thought I’d put together a little cheat sheet for clients of the top five most popular poses that I get asked for. This way you can reference here and have a name for that pose you love!

1.  The Froggy Pose – yes, can you believe this one is named Froggy? I don’t know who in the photography industry first came up with this (or why!), but that’s truly the name for this pose. By far, this is my most requested pose. I typically start each session with this pose to make sure we get the shot. I appreciate this pose because it’s a great way to show off a baby’s face.

Top Baby Poses

And of course, I love a side angle shot of this same froggy pose too!

Froggy Pose

2. The “Bum Up” Pose – this one is pretty self-explanatory, because that cute little baby bum gets a boost up in the air! This is a really classic shot that most newborn photographers, no matter their skill level, should be able to achieve.

Baby Poses

One thing I love about this pose is how much you can switch it up.  Add a pair of pants or an outfit, a soft little wrap, and it looks totally different. Super-versatile!

Baby Poses

Baby Girl in Outfit

3. Taco Pose – this is another hilariously named pose for newborns. I’m not sure how it got the name Taco, except maybe the body folded in half and feet rolled… it’s a stretch, so I don’t know! Taco happens to be one of my favorites because the toes just look soooo stinking cute to me in this pose!

Poses for Babies

Baby girl wrapped

4. The Tucked-In Pose – this pose is just the sweetest! One of my favorites (have I said that about every pose?!? Well, I love them all and I can’t help it!). I just love how natural and simple this pose is.  And of course, it can be switched up by adding in some props, cute hats and headbands, and different colors.

newborn baby poses

Learning about baby poses

And I love that we can achieve this pose in a prop as well!

Newborn photography pose ideas

5. The Side-Laying Pose – this pose is really simple and such a classic. Great for boys and girls, and always looks really lovely.

Baby Girl Raleigh

Side Laying Pose for babies

One of my favorite modifications to this pose is to add a teeny little pillow for the baby to snuggle. Oh, my heart!

Professional newborn photography

Those are my five favorites, and most requested, poses! Of course, there are many, many more (another post for another day!). When you come in for your professional newborn photo session, feel free to request any of these poses, or any others you see and love on my website!

Be sure to book your session in advance. I’m currently booking into spring and summer!